So Long, Friends.

Hello everybody, And welcome to the official last post of the PenguinUp45 Cheats / TPNC / TPNC Gaming blog, It’s been a wild ride, These past few years has been good, Even though this post is long overdue, I guess it is time to make it.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for sticking by my side, Through the years i actually made posts on this blog, For being great friends, Or even just a person who viewed my blog.

You made this blog special, Doesn’t matter if it was during the era of “Penguin Up45 Cheats” or “TPNC”, You helped make this what it was.

Though Club Penguin closed its doors on March 29th 2017, The memories still remain, Hosting meet-ups, Hanging out with friends, Everything.

A company can kill a game, But it can’t kill the memories or the friends the game gave us.

And with that, I say for the last time.
Keep Waddling On.

-Michael \\ Penguin Up45

Again, Thank you for everything.

[EDIT: This blog will remain open for all, As long as the WordPress services are active.]